Purchase of the apartment: 10 useful tips

Small secrets of a big deal

Purchase of the apartment: 10 useful tips

Recommendation No. 1:  don’t overestimate the financial opportunities. The entrance threshold in the primary market is at very low level today. And are able to afford to purchase the apartment in a mortgage many. However not everyone thinks of how to extinguish a mortgage loan. Whether rather stable work? Do you have “safety cushion” on a case of its loss? What share from salary you are ready to give for monthly payments? As the managing partner of Metrium Group Maria Litinetskaya considers, the mortgage should be taken in that case when you without serious consequences can give a half of earnings on loan repayment, having at the same time “reserve fund” in the amount of at least six monthly payments.

Recommendation No. 2:  buyers also shouldn’t postpone purchase of the pleasant apartment. It’s clear that each of us aims to save. Especially if it concerns such large-scale purchases as acquisition of the apartment. And desire to wait for discounts is quite natural. Only if this is not about the specific pleasant option. If you were already determined with the choice, then you shouldn’t postpone purchase. The probability is high that similar requests will appear also at other buyers. And till a season of sales the apartment won’t wait for you. Besides, waiting for reduction of price there is a risk to receive the return: grow in the most liquid projects of the price, and quickly enough.

Recommendation No. 3:  it isn’t necessary to expect also that the sales manager will show an initiative and itself will paint all minuses and pluses of the project. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises the task of the buyer is in asking questions, including the most inconvenient. The private or municipal kindergarten is under construction in the yard of the house? How many queues the project and how the construction in the neighbourhood will long proceed is expected? Whether there are approved town-planning plans for development of the sites, neighboring to the house, whether there will be no skyscraper blocking a view from the window, or the noisy highway there? And it is desirable to constitute “questionnaire” in advance not to forget to ask something important.

Recommendation No. 4: you shouldn’t trust too enthusiastic or extremely negative feedbacks. One of the main recommendations to buyers of apartments in new buildings is monitoring of forums and feedbacks on social networks. But it is necessary to understand that also developers use these channels long ago. The wave of a negative can be provoked by competitors, and the mass of enthusiastic comments quite often is self-advertisement. The truth somewhere in the middle, but it is this to determine it not everything. It is better to ask a direct question on the concerning subject to the representative of builder. On its reaction and the answer it will be possible to draw more conclusions, than on social networks.

Recommendation No. 5: don’t rely on reputation of the developer. It is considered to be that for what the builder is more known, the more projects he conducts at the same time, the he is more reliable. The inaccuracy of this opinion was shown by a situation with the SU155 company. Was once the builder, largest in Russia, the bankrupt, and his shareholders wait now until their housing is completed by other developers. On the contrary, many little-known companies with a modest project portfolio offer buyers interesting housing estates and quite often hand over the objects before term.

you shouldn't pursue excess meters

Recommendation No. 6:  you shouldn’t pursue excess meters. It is considered to be that the big apartment — it is good. But in case of the choice of housing after all it is better to proceed not from category “big-small”, and from specific requirements to a real estate object. And to hold in the head the fact that for each excess meter of the area of a corridor, a hall, a bathroom or wardrobe it is necessary to pay you considerable money. It is necessary to choose rational layouts: squared apartments in which it is possible to plan the most functional living space.

Recommendation No. 7: Today it is seldom possible to meet the housing estate which doesn’t have own infrastructure. However buyers shouldn’t hope that along with flat keys they will receive also all promised civilization benefits. As a rule, infrastructure facilities are under construction in the last queue. If at all are under construction. Therefore it isn’t necessary to hope that, having driven to the new apartment, you will be able to send directly the children to the promised school or kindergarten. Cases when infrastructure is built in parallel with housing, are single. Also they occur generally in large-scale projects of complex development of the territories, for example in New Mosow.

Recommendation No. 8: before making the choice for benefit of this or that new building, it is necessary to do several times independently a way from potential future house to an important destination. On each website advertising this or that housing estate it is possible to see information on that, what is the time it is required to reach the subway, to reach to the Garden Ring or the abstract center of Moscow. To take these data on trust — a serious mistake. Even if the developer doesn’t wish to mislead consciously the buyer, in the calculations he isn’t able to consider the mass of factors: walking speed, a manner of driving, road accident, repair it is expensive, the bridges guaranteeing in stopper rush hour, etc.

Recommendation No. 9:  you shouldn’t work with several real estate agencies. The aspiration save can be also shown and in desire to find more attractive offer at other broker. But it will turn back only time spent in vain. Today all real estate agencies work according to general price lists from the developer. Therefore the difference can be only in the level of service and the accompanying services, and the apartment will cost at the same time equally.

Recommendation No. 10:  never agree to sign documents without thorough studying. It is unlikely it is necessary to repeat once again that the only option of the conclusion of the transaction on acquisition of housing in the house under construction guaranteeing protection of the rights of the buyer is the agreement of equity registered according to requirements FZ214. And it is better simple not to consider all other options. But even in case of the conclusion of DDU there are risks. For example, if the developer doesn’t manage to fulfill the liabilities in time, he can ask the shareholder to sign the supplementary agreement about postponement of a construction. And in this case the buyer loses the right to require compensation for a delay of commissioning.