Interiors of big and small kitchens: photo

Arrangement of furniture

The first (and most important!) — competent plan of arrangement of furniture. It is a basis of bases and pledge of future comfort. The aspiration to place more furniture on the modest square leads to the fact that it becomes absolutely impossible to move in kitchen. Someone clings to a corner of a bar counter, someone can only filter sideways between a table and the refrigerator…

Don’t forget that the kitchen shall be both convenient, and cozy, so — free.

Arrangement of furniture


Lighting also strongly influences general impression from the room. Sources shall be a little. Separate – for functional illumination of all space, and separate – for illumination of a working surface. As a rule, the main light doesn’t give normal illumination under lockers.


The bright kitchen often happens continuation of the same bright apartment. Acceptance traditional already — to choose different colors for top and a bottom of facades of lockers. One photo lower saturated eggplant shades bright saffron-yellow color of walls, and the neutral top serves as a background. Fabric of the Roman curtain contains all shades used in registration of kitchen, and windows become the color center of space.

The bright kitchen

Set of the equipment

Understand how many the equipment you plan to establish and what type it will be. If kitchen small and you don’t bake in big scales, maybe, it is worth saving on oven dimensions? Now there are ovens the size about the standard microwave oven. By the way, any oven it is possible to arrange in a column at the average level, but not below.

Narrow dishwashers (40 cm against 60 cm) will perfectly cope with a set of plates and devices after a dinner of four people. Cooking panels on two rings instead of four will make room for the electric kettle.

Think over how many the equipment and what dimensions you plan to establish on a working surface. First, combines, coffee makers, toasters take very many place, in secondly, for all equipment it is necessary to design sufficient number of sockets.

Excess wires in kitchenit not only is inconvenient, but also is unsafe.

Excess wires in kitchen

The kitchen in Russia is more than just the place for cooking, this very difficult space from the point of view of designing and registration.