Interior as trait of character

Music lover and traveler

Music lover and traveler

Not so long ago to us the young independent man who works at home much came with the order, often travels and passionately is fond of music. So one of its requirements was to find the place for rather big collection of musical CD’s.

We chose the dark noble saturated tone and rather brutal invoices of finishing materials and surfaces for the apartment. The dark brown oak board on a floor, deep terracotta color of an open brick of walls, is a lot of metal in finishing, – look at a leather sofa in a drawing room on all these details, and you will easily imagine the owner of the apartment.

The dark brown oak board on a floor, deep terracotta color of an open brick of walls

The special system of boxes where all disks of a collection were located, we arranged in a house office. Other collection – masks which the young man brought from travel – occupied free space on impressive walls.

Family in a retro style

Family in a retro style

Absolutely other history is connected with a dining room drawing room interior in the country house. Traditions are carefully kept in this big family, and behind a big traditional Sunday tea drinking several generations gather.

To emphasize this succession, to add even more soul and stories, we used for an interior not only the objects which are stored in family, but picked up also other antiquarian things: round table, ancient this Tula samovar and wattled chairs…

samovar and wattled chairs

Besides, in this house like to play music. Both owners, and grandsons who often come on a visit practice music. Therefore the small, but stylish piano with a good sound became the semantic center of a classical drawing room.

Student journalist

Student journalist

And what if the apartment belongs to the student who is fond of music and plays with friends directly at home? It is excellent case to stylize the apartment under the loft, to add a brick, concrete, to leave open posting.

But even in such brutal style there was a place to decorative elements: bright, wine color of a beam effectively contrast with the gray wall trimmed with plaster under concrete.

Future journalist often brings together at himself guests, and we left a lot of free space for music. Besides, thought over several scenarios of lighting. The main became tire illumination.

First, it is a classical element of lofts, with another — a good light source with an opportunity to change the angle of lighting.

room is used and as a cinema hall

The same room is used and as a cinema hall. Friends like to carry out days off behind viewing of movies and prefer the large-format screen.

Therefore behind one of beams we built in the screen with the remote control of management. Broadcasting goes from the projector fixed on a ceiling. The screen in folded form is absolutely imperceptible.