How to identify swindlers in the market of lease of housing?

Two realtors tell about the most popular schemes of a fraud in the market of lease and – the main thing – about how to distinguish deception.

… in the house which was built by Jack

Widespread type of a fraud from employers — renting an apartment in the sublease; more rare — illegal sale of a living space; and the most popular — a non-payment when the lodger without prevention moves down before fixed term, without having been calculated with the lessor, without having paid on counters, for phone and the Internet. Happens that employers take with themselves something from property of the owner.

“Any evasion from respect for formalities when the employment contract is constituted shall guard the owner. It is important to know: even if the prohibition of the owner of the apartment on the sublease isn’t stated in the document, then it is all the same illegal. In other words, silence — not the sign of consent”.

For lessees the only way of to secure not to fall a victim of such here sublease scheme — to check whether it is valid before you the homeowner. For this purpose it is necessary to ask at least basic documents — the passport and the certificate on the property right.

All documents shall show you in the original. If show copies (even certified), prick up the ears. For fidelity request the statement from the house register or the paid receipts at least in three last months. Keys to you shall be transferred in day of agreement signature, and it is useful to check that they approach.

How to identify swindlers in the market of lease of housing?

“You can trust us!”

The method which is used even more often by speculators recently — “to hide” behind a name of the known, long ago working at the market realtor company. The scheme is extremely simple: it is necessary that the client transferred an advance payment of services to the specified account.

For example:

in our practice there were cases when the lessor which posted online the announcement of delivery of the apartment was called allegedly by the employee of one of our offices of lease and suggests to submit with guarantee potential lodgers within short terms and also to professionally carry out viewings of the apartment.

But the owner is told something that advertizing costs money too, on viewings it is necessary to pay for travel too.

And for this purpose the advance payment will be required, but the result is guaranteed, and an advance payment it seems as returnable: pseudo-realtors promise that in case of final settlements this amount will be subtracted.

“Exclusive” offers and confidential bases

To tenants, of course, too is what to be afraid. There are such situations: post online the announcement that the attractive apartment of economy class with low, but quite adequate rate of hiring is leased. The person calls on the specified number and learns that the subscriber — allegedly the representative of the known realtor company which mediates when letting this apartment.

Report to the victim that this lot is handed already over, but there are also other suitable options. The client is given the agreement on rendering prepayment-based information services – from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. Money should be transferred to the account specified by “agent”.

The client really receives the list of addresses and phones of lessors — allegedly the exclusive, however actually is nonexistent offers or announcements which can absolutely free of charge be found on the websites.

In our company calls from the victims of such “werewolves” not only from the capital, but also from Novosibirsk, both from Blagoveshchensk, and from some other Russian cities arrived (though our department of lease of apartments works only at the territory of the Moscow region).

Remember: long ago the existing fair agencies never take an advance payment, don’t send to either lessees, or lessors of SMS with account numbers for transfer of the commission, and realtor services are paid only after hiring agreement signature.