How to choose the apartment for investments: 5 main criteria

How to choose the apartment

1. Initial: price and arrangement

At first be determined with the specific amount which you are ready to enclose. You shouldn’t stretch the budget and to try to cover all market by the principle “plus or minus a kilometer”. The price is one of two key parameters which you shall give to your broker. This year pay attention to new buildings: in them the ruble prices practically don’t differ from the prices which were one and a half years ago that does new buildings extremely attractive to investments.

The cost of apartments still approximately for 20%, and somewhere and 50% below than the similar offer of apartments in the same area. They definitely should be considered. First, the difference in the price strongly blocks the amount of future property tax, and secondly, there is a high probability of fast amnesty of apartments and their transfer to a dwelling stock then the rate of a tax will be less. Now legislators actively discuss this subject.

The second initial parameter – an arrangement. The market of the elite real estate the last few years develops geographically multidirectional. Absolutely unexpected objects therefore surely consult with your agent were available for sale or study analytics of independent experts of the market. Much of what deserves attention of the investor can be within the closed sales.

2. Cost of utilities

Surely take an interest in the cost of utilities. It is difficult to believe in it, but in some elite houses in the center of Moscow operational services cost 550-600 rubles for sq.m a month. Thus that apartments are on sale at very democratic price.

3. Floor, type and layout

Consider apartments not below second stores. Apartments on the second floor can be looked if the price of them is 20-25% lower than alternative options in the same house if all windows overlook the quiet green courts and the apartment enough insolirovan from all directions. In kitchen the separate window is necessary even if the cooking area on the design project is combined with a drawing room. Ideally bathrooms shall be as much how many bedrooms, or are one more. (If the apartment without finishing, pay attention to an arrangement of struts.) Iiz of windows of a drawing room shall open a type at least on 50-70 meters – optionally on parks, the river or stars of the Kremlin. There is enough if it is the well-planned yard with playgrounds or adjacent buildings.

4. Liquidity

Even if you purchase the apartment for yourself, learn from the agent the expected cost of lease and the forecast for a selling price of this apartment for the next two-three years. Especially it is relevant for objects under construction. My experience shows that terms of delivery of new buildings in Moscow repeatedly transfer. The year and a half is within a regulation. You remember: your life doesn’t stand still therefore, buying the real estate, provide as you will sell it.

5. Documents

At last, carefully study documents of title. Recently I checked documents on two new objects which arrived to us for sale. It turned out that the owner arranged certificates on apartments and parking places in one of new buildings in the center based on judgments. There was it on the eve of its forty-fifth anniversary when it is necessary to change the passport. He received the decision on the apartment up to 45 years and arranged the certificate, and the decision on parking places – after this date. He received certificates on parking places with old passport data later half a year after receipt of the new passport. It is interesting that nobody, including him, noticed it nearly three years. If it came to the transaction with such documents, then registration would be suspended with all that it implies…

You shouldn’t make instant decisions on purchase of the apartment, information on which you obtained from an unchecked source, especially to make advance payment or a deposit. Don’t give in to momentary rushes, take a timeout for two-three days to weigh everything pros and cons. In long thoughts too you shouldn’t hit. If found “the” apartment, act resolutely. The worthy objects balanced in every respect in the market aren’t late. In new buildings the best investment lots at the initial prices “leave” in three-four months, tidbits also don’t linger on the secondary market more than two-three months.