How to arrange an office for the chief in two weeks

Study — the second house. Here important decisions are made, plans and projects for the future are created, here communicate with people with whom your professional activity is anyway connected, eventually, here it is possible to take breath after difficult negotiations. All this means only one: functionality at an office extensive, and therefore it is necessary to approach registration of its interior with all attention.


What is important?

The situation shall be thought over and practical. It is good to choose furniture from one collection: office — not the best place for experiments with eclecticism. Pieces of furniture shall “speak” about you, reflect your status and gravity of working intentions.


For this reason for a situation of offices choose furniture of a luxury segment. Unfortunately, such quality level assumes quite long production process, and in warehouses, as a rule, the necessary amount of furniture isn’t stored. Nevertheless heads wait for the new office in finished form as soon as possible. Options at designers remain not much: or to choose from the objects which are available in stock, or to keep the client waiting for several months.

Both options very compromise, but an exit are. In Giorgio Collection especially for the Russian clients thought up the “48 hours of shipment from Italy” service.


Genuine authority

Furniture is made from an interline interval of valuable and rare breeds of a tree:

Brazilian black rosewood, ebony, Makassar, eucalyptus, eye maple and English plane tree. In finishing apply also such expensive materials as marble, Murano glass, genuine leather, crystal. In a word, everything in this furniture will speak about your high status and professionalism.

Besides the spirit of an entrepreneurship and luxury is realized in furniture from Giorgio Collection, the style of collections is the rethought version of art deco, that direction which witnessed stories of “The Great Gatsby” and which is a symbol of financial wellbeing and freedom also now.