7 signs of good design: myths and reality

1. Correct parts of the world

The evening sun heats is hotter therefore if you choose rooms with windows on the South, the West or the southwest, be going to put the conditioner. If windows come to the East or the southeast, will be not so hot in the summer. And if on the North – in the room it is always dark.

Buying the apartment located in the upper third of the high rise building it must be kept in mind a wind rose. A wind rose in different regions different ― it is important to consider here whether there are industrial enterprises and large highways alee.

2. Insolation and lighting

It isn’t necessary to confuse insolation and natural lighting.

The insolation designates use of sunlight in the sanitary purposes: solar radiation kills microbes. The requirement to provide insolation for each apartment was born in the thirties the 20th century. Before housing was under construction so that in windows of many apartments sun didn’t look (we will remember the St. Petersburg yards wells). Because of the fact that people lived in dark rooms and at the same time badly ate, engaged in wearisome work and weren’t provided with medicines, in the cities tuberculosis extended. Today it is already not so relevant so in case of the choice of the apartment it is possible not to be guided by a sanitary sense of insolation.

7 signs of good design: myths and reality

It is important not to confuse concepts of insolation and natural lighting. The insolation is related only to direct sunlight while a source of natural lighting is the sky. Illumination diffused light depends not so much on orientation of the room how many from the apartment arrangement height and also height and density of surrounding building and green plantings.

3. High ceilings

It is necessary to estimate not the height as such, but room proportions in general, that is both width, and height of rooms. In the small-sized apartment high ceilings can be regarded as a shortcoming: corridors will turn into cracks, and toilets – into wells (this effect can be observed in Stalin skyscrapers). The minimum height of rooms in apartments is normalized and constitutes 2,5 m for our climatic region.

4. The isolated rooms

Isolated it is accepted to do rooms for processes which require a privacy, for example a dream, washing and work. Till some time the list of such rooms included also kitchen: architects aimed to protect inhabitants of the apartment from smells and dirt.

But the modern kitchen, with a plate, an extract and other household appliances, doesn’t deserve isolation at all. The same concerns a hall: it is necessary to separate living space a door only in a country house. There it is proved by both heat-technical, and hygienic reasons.

5. Minimum of bearing walls

The most correct number of the bearing designs in the apartment – zero. In small apartments up to 100-120 sq.m it is quite achievable. Even if the bearing designs in the apartment are necessary, it shall be not walls, but columns. Experience of designing of elite housing shows that in the apartment up to 300 sq.m it is quite possible to manage one column, in addition to the bearing perimeter.

6. Angular apartment

In my opinion, the angular apartment has in comparison with unilateral only pluses. The biggest of them are the possibility of end-to-end airing and more extended light front. Experience of accommodation in panel built houses of standard series generated mistrust to angular apartments: it is considered that they are colder. But it is wine not of planning solution, but low-quality a construction and an inefficient design of wall panels which were used in the 70th ― the 90th years. Modern construction technologies together with higher requirements to thermal insulation and an energy efficiency of designs exclude such problem.

7. Case depth

In case of the choice of the apartment in a new building it is important to pay attention to case depth, to estimate as the light front of the apartment to its depth corresponds. If the apartment is on sale without partitions and the layout should be executed independently, keep in mind: it is much more difficult to plan the deep apartment rationally, and losses of the area in it will be more.