3 signs of the apartment which then you will be able profitable to sell

In addition to well-known parameters: locations, transport availability, the developed infrastructure and the adequate price, liquidity of the apartment determine also such characteristics as the area, the floor, types from windows, the size of kitchen, availability of a balcony/loggia, height of ceilings, convenience of the layout.

3 signs of the apartment which then you will be able profitable to sell

1. The area shall correspond to number of rooms and a class

The most important parameter – the area: the metric area of the apartment shall correspond to its class and demand of target audience. For housing of categories “house-keeper” and “comfort” the optimum area of a one-room apartment – 36-42 sq.m, two-room – 54-62 sq.m, three-room – 68-82 sq.m. So, purchasing the one-room apartment of economy class of 53 sq.m, be ready that demand for it in case of sale won’t be high.

2. The area of kitchen and height of ceilings are important

In order that the apartment was demanded further, the area of kitchen shall be at least than 8―8,5 sq.m, and it is more preferable ― than 10―12 sq.m, height of ceilings – at least 2,6 meters.

3. The prejudice against the first and last floor is still popular

Average floors are considered as the most popular: quite often builders leave apartments in “golden mean” finally and implement at higher prices, than on start of sales. However and prejudice against apartments on the first and last floors are unreasonable.0

First, in modern new buildings the first floor, as a rule, rather high, and is even more often – non-residential. Apartments on upper floors have advantages. In new houses over the last floor also the technical floor so course of a roof doesn’t threaten new settlers is located, but types from windows it is much better and neighbors from above will definitely not fill in.